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June 26, 2011

New additions to the catalogue


Bastian Void  – Ported cassette (Digitalis) 5

Another slab of shimmering synth textures on Digitalis, the loveliness sometimnes punctuated by hyperactive casio beats.

Blaastaal – ‘t Is De Pel Alleen Die Rot / De Beer Gaat Uitschachten cassette (Taped Sounds) 6

Crazy collage / cut-ups from this Radio Antwerp duo that encompasses Belgian adverts and Boney M’s “Ma Baker”!

Blue Angels – Isidora cassette (Digitalis) 5

Waves of blissed-out fuzz wash over you again and again. On the opener Rob Kusterer lays down some techno beats and the effect is similar to Astral Social Club but the rest of the cd is much mellower.

Cloudland Ballroom – Illusion Circles cassette (Aguirre) 5.75

Spiralling analogue synth melodies – there are 12 on here and each is a beautifully constructed piece of cosmic electronic bliss that never outstays its welcome. Similar to Brother Raven.

Dolphins Into the Future – Ke Mirning Pu’uwai cassette (Taped Sounds) 6

The title translates as “The Mirning Heart”, the Mirning being an aboriginal tribe from SW Australia who worship the Great Whale Spirit, Jiderra. Submarinal synth chords and glissandi refracted through multitudinous tape loops into a gorgeous sunlit shimmer. One track is a collection of sounds recorded at Fowler’s Bay, Australia. “Po’kohola” sounds like the kind of ritual that might worship a whale god – looped flutes and gurgling chants.

  • The Voice of the Silence cassette (Taped Sounds) 6

Tape release of the opening track on the Release the Bats cd “The Music of Belief”. Oceanic synth float, electronic bubbles and tropical bird-song from Lieven Martens. This lies somewhere between Monopoly Child and Joe Meek’s “I Heard A New World”, acquatic rather than cosmic, and it’s a very soothing place to be.

Dolphins Into the Future / Floris Vanhoof split 7″ (Experimedia) 6

“Limited split 7inch tour single featuring the work of Dolphins Into The Future and Floris Vanhoof. Comes in an Experimedia custom designed reversible sleeve featuring photography by each of the artists. Made especially for their April 2011 US Tour with Monopoly Child Star Searchers.” (Experimedia)

El G – Six Etudes Sur Des Objets a Priori Morts Mais Sexuellement Aimables cassette (Taped Sounds) 6

Tape, vocal and electronic experiments from Paris-based Laurent Gérard. This sounds like an uneasy liaison between This Heat and Suicide. ALSO: Tout Ploie LP (Kraak) 6

Expo 70  – Inaudible Bicoastal Trajectory LP (Aguirre) 14.75

“Two extended (inter)zone-outs by Justin Wright, recorded live on tour in late 2078. A-side ‘Hynotic Brain Cloud Float’ was captured at Zebulon Bar, New York, accompanied by visuals from the film Fantastic Planet. At the start you can even hear cash registers ringing in the background, and we’re soon transported far away from civilization and into an utterly deserted dronescape, a plangently searching guitar reminiscent of Barn Owl scanning the sprawl of lushly unfolding synthdrones. At a crucial moment, a slow, motorik, analogue drum pulse appears to propel the track deeper down the desolate highway, leaving us dusted and dazed but throughly satisifed by the end. The other performance occurred at KJFC in California and descends through clouds of synth to a barren expanse of awe-inspiring solo guitar scapes, the sort of wide-skied, panoramic vision which makes listeners at home feel lost in the vast miasmah. This passage of purposeful meditation is resolved with an upwards ascent of Steve Moore-style machine pulses, and a cosmically chaotic finale. Truly epic material.” (Aguirre)

Fake Map – A Continued Garden cassette (Digitalis) 5

New project from Taiga Remains’ Alex Cobb. He’s still dealing in fuzzed-up, heavily layered drones but they’re not as visceral as Taiga Remains, using synths and electronics instead of guitar.

Fuxa / Martin Rev split 7″ (Great Pop Supplement) 5

“Here’s a fabulous 45 pairing like minded spirits, Detroit’s Fuxa sharing wax with former Suicide legend Martin Rev! Not only that but this one’s on glorious multicoloured, ‘splatter’ wax and it comes housed in an Anthony Ausgang designed sleeve. Fuxa’s Randall Niemann has been creating spaced out, psychedelic electronica for nigh on 15 years now, on this tune “Marty Suicide” he’s joined by former Spacemen 3 and Spectrum members Mark Refoy and Richard Formby, on a tune penned as an ode to his heron on the flip. Martin Rev’s “Coyote” is a totally beautiful, almost angelic, electronic piece- think Florian Fricke’s from the heavens, vocal choir synth sound from “Aguirre”, sped up slightly with added moog washes…?!” (GPS)

Ghostrider – Light Pulse cassette (Digitalis) 5

The darker side of ambient synth from Jens Pauly from Cologne. Slowly unfolding and mysterious electronic grandeur.

Logan Seguin – Drone cassette (Digitalis) 5

One-finger synth melodies mixed with film samples makes for a spooked and unsettling listen. ALSO: SS-Vntrx-34000 Original Film Soundtrack cassette (Digitalis) 5

Lunar Miasma – The Gateway cassette (Digitalis) 5

Glacial synth & sequencer gems from Greece’s Panos Alexiandros. Spiralling sequences of levitational bliss.

Lieven Martens & Ada Van Hoorebeke – Eternal Landscapes LP (Aguirre) 16

“Collage of continuous sound recordings by Lieven Martens (Dolphins Into The Future). Created for two expo’s by Ada Van Hoorebeke and re-worked for release on vinyl in March 2011.” (Aguirre) Looped found sounds that makes me think I’m listening to a Moondog instrumental underwater.

Paco Sala – Radial Sundown cassette (Digitalis) 5

“it’s a eurotrash dream and i’m loving it. paco sala is the alter-ego of konntinent’s antony harrison and anyone familiar with his past work will be quite surprised by this turn of events. “radial sundown” is an afterhours vapor trail through italo mazes and darkened alleys. swirling electronics are matched by smooth beats and pop-infused hymns. harrison bounces to the underbelly, always keeping something sinister just off-screen. add in delectable vocals by felicia atkinson (in french, no less) and you’re in for the best fucking ride. edition of 80, pro-dubbed chrome.” (Digitalis)

Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides – Sixth Samovar cd (Rayon) 6

Flute / drums played in a darkened cinema in Bristol during a city-wide power-cut in June 2010. The Part Wild Horses duo are Kelly Jones and Pascal Nichols and this recording finds them at their most minimal … quiet and intense, long searing flute / cymbal notes ringing out and flurries of percussion. Pro-pressed CD in riso-printed fold-out paper sleeve. ALSO: Low Fired Clay Escape LP (Carnival) 10.75

Peeesseye – Artificially Retarded Soul Care Operators cd (Evolving Ear) 9

These recordings date from 2003-2004 and range across a very wide spectrum. Subtle dynamics of bowed cymbals and radio static are followed by a short and funny piece of an audience being teased with extreme noise music (there’s more substantial noise later and it means business!) and there’s a beautifully controlled piece which centres of big, sparse drum thwacks. This comes in a chunky gatefold paste-on sleeve with a poster insert. (JC) ALSO: Commuting Between the Surface and the Underworld cd (Evolving Ear) 9

The See See / By the Sea split 7″ (Great Pop Supplement) 5

One of 2 new 45s on The GPS for June, this one’s a split featuring a spanking new tune from The See See backed by a gorgeous debut from new Wirral band ‘By The Sea’. “Automobile” once again displays The See See’s penchant for hazy, sun baked West Coast psych / power pop. Hooks a plenty, killer backing vocals, and a tidy follow up to the mighty “Late Morning Light” full length that came and went in a week on wax for the GPS, with a CD amassing salivating reviews throughout. The Wirral’s “By The Sea” are steadily creating quite a buzz for themselves both on Merseyside and down here in London after a number of stunning live shows, where their (so far), small cannon of beautiful 60s flavoured tunes leave audiences eagerly tipping the band for future greatness. Sublime songwriting recalling The Left Banke, Gene Clark, The WCPAEB, with subtle nods to that first euphoric moment you heard the Stone Roses for the first time. This single could almost only come out late Spring, early Summer- 2 gorgeous tunes in tastily packaged vinyl only. Just a perfect pop record and one which sees it’s release celebrated with a launch show at the perfect setting of the Williamson Tunnels in Liverpool on Sat. June 11th. 500 only so be quick.” (GPS)

Mike Shiflet – Meadowbathers cassette (Digitalis) 5

Reworkings of “Pink Meadows” and “Sunbathers” from Mike’s Llanos album from 2010. One remix by Mike and the other by Joc Panzner. Mike’s side is a wall of fuzz with a subtle melodic undertow. Joc opts for a full scale obliteration, an inferno gutting the source track from the inside out.

Stellar Om Source – Heartlands Suite LP (Aguirre) 14.75

“Stellar Om Source’s most sought-after and celebrated release, issued on 160g vinyl in edition of 500, for the first time. ‘Heartlands Suite’ showcases the full spectrum of Christelle Gualdi’s sound and instinctively skilled take on the modern kosmiche sound. The A-side spans four longer excursions, from the nEurogenous drones of ‘Grace 1’ and the cascading arpeggios of ‘Sequentia’ to the beautiful off-planet romance of ‘Latin Sirens’. However, the unusual eastern tuning and VHS psychedelia of ‘Xlandia’ on the flipside must be the highlight. Well recommended to fans of Dolphins Into The Future, James Ferraro or Oneohtrix Point Never.” (Aguirre)

Wi77!N6 – Brotherhood of the Backwards Handshake cd (Evolving Ear) 9

This album was recorded in 2000 and sounds as though it’s been screaming, gnashing and slashing to get out of the vaults ever since! Ian Christie & Fritz Welch are responsible for – according to the liner notes – all foregrounds and backgrounds, drums, unnatural ringing, whistles, chains and unprepared guitar. Throw in some radio tuning, voices and a few other things and you’re sort of getting the picture. It’ll come into focus better if you enjoy, say, the current work of Peeesseye, as the wild abandon of Mr Welch is healthily in evidence here! The cover art is the sort of thing that would once have ended up being sold in a brown paper bag…. let’s just say the record is loud and the sleeve is proud! (JC)