Æthenor – En Form For Blå 2LP (VHF) 13.50

“Stephen O’Malley (Sunn0))), KTL), Daniel O’Sullivan (Ulver, Mothlite, Guapo), Kristoffer Rygg (Ulver), Steve Noble (N.E.W., Company, etc). En Form For Blå documents the continued evolution of this unlikely collective, a collision of players from various avant, improv, metal, and “other” threads who together make a unique and arresting sound. Documenting three gigs in Oslo recorded in 2010, the music is deep and weird, with liquid sounds juddering around the occasionally identifiable percussion or Rhodes motif. Moving from an occasional/studio group to a frequently working live act, Æthenor has somehow kept their sound intact, taking the musique concrète-style transitions and “what’s that sound” ethos of their three previous efforts directly to the stage. Noble, having spent a couple of decades playing drums with Derek Bailey and other well-known UK improvisers, moves the music along subtly, keeping much of the focus on the burbling sound mass. O’Malley’s guitar, an instrument of extreme viscera in Sunn0))), is used with restraint, providing occasional low menace but mostly mixing it up with O’Sullivan’s thematic lines and Rygg’s sound treatments. The overall effect is atmospheric rather than sedate – something like a modern, small group version of Miles Davis’ classic “He Loved Him Madly” or Nurse with Wound’s “Spiral Insana.” Other than Supersilent, it’s hard to think of anyone really working this sonic vocabulary – this is a bold engagement from players who are well-known for completely different reasons from the strangeness heard here. Deluxe double LP is on white vinyl with printed inner sleeves” (VHF)

Oren Ambarchi / Robbie Avenaim – Dream Request LP (Bo’weavil) 15.50

“Bo Weavil presents a sublime duo recording from old sparring partners Oren Ambarchi and Robbie Aveniam recorded live in Tel Aviv in 2009.This is a single edit of the performance which perfectly captures the chemistry between Robbie’s busy percussive maneuvers and Oren’s textural overlay.   A previous performance of the pair was documented on the ‘Clockwork’ CD (re-issued by room40) and prior to this the notorious ‘The Alter Rebbe’s Niggun’ CD was released on Tzadik.  Here, the two come together with an energetic performance of free interplay.   Steeped in rock, electronics and feedback the duo conjure an ecstatic instrumental journey.  Momentum builds whilst shifting around a variety of sonic styles until the entire patchwork is laid bare, exposing all the nuance within.    For a dream comes with much business and a fool’s voice with many words.” (Bo’weavil)

Christina Carter – Obelisk / Tholos 7″ (Emerald Cloud) 7.50

“A new 7″ by Christina Carter which serves as the opening ceremony for our new 7″ series of solo performances ‘Alone Together’. A loan voice, the tangled bells, the caw of a crow, a plane passing overhead… A fortuitous overlapping of sound moments, trapped in amber by Christina for us to bear witness. Much like her early CDRs ‘Hand & Mind’ or ‘Human As Guitar’, ‘Obelisk/Tholos’ is an act of white witchcraft, a healing spell that defines time with the merest of tools: bells, voice, a microphone…” (EC)

Nova Scotia – A Million Corpses of Dead Bees LP (Tipped Bowler) 13.25

“Tipped Bowler returns to the fertile soil of New Zealand to cull two choice improvisations. On the A-side, Wellington’s Nova Scotia delivers “A Million Corpses of Dead Bees,” an eighteen minute free-rock burner. Growing from violin sine-squeak and distant shortwave, the piece gains momentum with its patient drumming and resolves into a saxophone swarm shot through with synthetic scrabble. On the reverse, Dunedin’s Eye comes off colder and more aggressive. “High Road” throttles the listener with Schnitzler-ian electronics, militant percussion, and guitar strangulation before collapsing into coda of cymbal taps and glassy string-work. Rigorous yet unbound, these pieces shine a light on a musical community few of us can witness firsthand. Issued in an edition of 250 150-gram black LPs in elegant black-and-white matte sleeves screened with consummate skill by Alan Sherry of Siwa.” (TB)

Starving Weirdos – Rolled in the Midst of Never Ceasing Currents Flowing Without A Rest Forever Onward LP (Bo’weavil) 15.50

“Firstly, this is not for the faint-hearted, but fear not, this is not another noise record.  This LP is something else altogether.  This is a massive, glorious psychedelic din, a thick fog of dramatic sound events.  Starving Weirdo’s latest offering promises to enfold the listener who will experience the ecstatic grandeur of Anton Bruckner as much as the rich industrial drone of David Jackman.  This is Lhasa in California – a world drenched in ecstatic thrills and intense ethereal exploration.There are sounds, there are drones, there are rhythms and there are songs – a glorious concoction that moves in a vertical fashion.  As we live today, in all this murk; all this twisted history and convoluted present, we can be thankful that these folks in California came together to create such a glorious record for all to bathe in.   But this, like all good things, is limited and will not be around forever.   Step in now or forever remain the great unwashed.” (Bo’weavil)

Still Corners / The New Lines 7″ (Great Pop Supplement) 5

“Here we have the latest from the hottest new things in the new-’60s scene. It’s a transatlantic split between Still Corners, an English hype band, and The New Lines, an American band I’ve never heard of. Both offer pleasant excursions into psychedelic pop territory. I think that on first impressions I’m probably enjoying the New Lines side the best. It’s got a real B-movie soundtrack feel to it, with a really sparse, thin guitar sound. It’s all held together by bass, drums and hammond organ, really. If my ears aren’t deceiving me there’s also a short trumpet solo. It’s really true to the ’60s pastoral freak folk aesthetic, I think, and the vocals are quite monotonous which gives it a slight Velvet Undergroundy edge. There’s some cool cascading dual guitars at the end as well. A brilliantly constructed track. Flip it (and change the speed!) and the Still Corners one is a cool, breathy little groover with Spector-influenced production and girl band harmonies. Phil wants me to point out that it was previously on their ‘Remember Pepper’ CD EP. I think he just wants to show off that he’s known about them since way back when. It’s a lovely little song, actually. Took me a couple of listens to really warm to it but it’s superbly put together and there’s some really sweet little momentary touches – some kind of wild synth sweeps in the chorus, and I could swear there’s some little string flourishes, but maybe those are done on keys, too. Both nice songs here, anyway.” (GPS)

Talibam! with Alan Wilkinson – Dem Ol’ Apple Pie Melodies LP (Bo’weavil) 15.50

“Balancing contradictory cultural fragments into a psychadelic yin and yang power drive of glitch emission sprezzatura horns, Zarathrusta organ drone launch, and sayanora-rama drum spills, alan wilkinson, matt mottel, and kevin shea turn anamitronic nihilists into veritable musicological sexphorisms — they cut the tension on the dance floor like that abrupt liminal point between peace and footsie, between donuts and bagels, between lizards and turtles. Our three dangerously handsome myriad-men from the future have materialized mixed signals into sharp-fanged foreign accents on this red-eye voyage to vinyl metropoly, a 2-sided ecosystem of Gatsby-killer morph-prov entitled “dem old apple pie melodies”. Talibam! Was set up on a blind date by Bo’ Weavil records for a london basement gig in may 2008. It was a french kiss right off the bat.. a second gig happened in the fall and recording in winter 09. Talibam! Was excited to continue in its path of collaboration and heard in Wilkinson’s tone the strength and grit of a fine british pint served cool and fresh…a perfect energy to bounce and swing with  Talibam!s rolly polly hyroglypic dance mayhem..  if talibam! And wilkinson were a rugby team they’d be in first place, trouncing the competiton with more riff hard tenacity and powerful declarative end zone dances” (Bo’weavil)

United Bible Studies & Jozef Van Wissem – Downland lp (Incunabulum) TBC

“Dutch Lutenist Jozef Van Wissem has collaborated with James Blackshaw, Smegma, Keiji Haino and Jim Jarmusch among others. Mostly based in Ireland, the ever-shifting line-ups of United Bible Studies have spent the last decade roaming far and wide from their folk roots, exploring ecstatic group improvisation, songcraft, and studio-based Prog epics. The album is bookended by two different versions of the same composition,  ‘Downland’ and ‘The Seas Have Lifted Up Their Voice’. Propulsive and metronomic, with Beach Boys-inspired harmonies, it led UBS to a new way of working. Van Wissem’s pieces were either stark and minimal, or had multi-layered harmonies which led UBS into less than familiar territory. The sparser pieces lent themselves to being shaped into songs, and the addition of extemporaneous textures. Van Wissem wrote the lyrics of Altars Of Brick (The Day Is Coming) for Alison O’Donnell to sing. Its ominous tone inspired Gavin Prior to write the tangentially related Í Rith na h-Óiche in Gaelic. O’Donnell did historical research for her courtly romance Seven Tears, named after Dowland’s famous song cycle. The Bible Students have woven murk and mystery around the lucid austerity of van Wissem’s compositions, together creating an album which is unlike anything in either of their substantial back catalogues and more than the mere sum of its parts. Numbered limited edition, silk screen art print silver on black.” (label)

Wooden Wand – My Week Beats Your Year LP (Great Pop Supplement) 8.50

“the latest in a very long line of essential releases from james jackson toth, sees this brand new collection for the GPS. following 2 treasures from the mighty wand canon previously released on the label over the last 3 years. “my week beats your year” acts as a follow up to fans favourite “born bad” released 2 years ago on mad monk / people in a position to know. a collection of home recordings and demos from various points since 2002 to the present. an intimate, up close, occasionally stark collection of late night blues, and darkside musings that somehow manage to yet again raise the songwriting bar within the wand catalogue – check out “tribulation fear” and “pale fire”. includes one of his most in yr face, confessional tracks ever put to wax – an ace take on jimmy rogers’ “sloppy drunk”. an utterly fabulous collection in a sleeve to match – beautiful inside and out pro printed jackets, and brown 70s French lined inners – a killer LP in an edition of 400 numbered copies.” (GPS)


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