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July 18, 2011


Please email if you want any of these kept aside:

Driftwood Manor cd on Slow Loris / Rusted Rail

Datashock 2LP on Dekorder

Starving Weirdos LP & Oren Ambarchi / Robbie Aveniam LP on Boweavil

Christina Carter 7″, Yek Koo 7″ and Ashley Paul 7″ on Emerald Cocoon

LRJ Martens & Ada Van Hoorebeke LP, Cloudland Ballroom cassette, Expo 70, Stellar Om Source & JD Emmanuel LP on Aguirre

Paintings of New Windows cdr and Gavin John Baker cdr on Bunkland

Uptight LP on Sloow

Mark Bradley – Temple Music

Larry “Sunshine” Rice LP on Time Lag

The Cosmic Dead tape on Who Can You Trust

Tomutontto 12″ and Dolphins Into the Future cassette on Benniffer Editions

Anemone Pond & Pathways cdrs on Seagrass

Josef Van Wissem and United Bible Studies LPĀ 

Nova Scotia / Eye and Astral Social Club / Tomutonttu LPs on Tipped Bowler

Cian Nugent cd / LP, Jesse Sparhawk & Eric Carbonara LP / cd, Alexander Turnquist LP / cd, Aethonor 2LP on VHF

Panabrite cdr on Sturmundrugs

Orang Punjabi tape on Tristes Tropiques

Acid Birds LP and Isidore Ducasse LP on Blackest Rainbow

more Shiggajon Live I & II cassettes

Motion SIckness of Time Travel cd on Digitalis

Selene Heliotrope cdr & Denied by Character cdr on Reverb Worship

new cassettes on the Shiggajon-associated Golem label (Marzuka, Sol, Hahn Kult, Mythic Sunship)

North Sea / Pummeler, Mette Marerdit / Tarhumans, Dead Black Arms / Fire Serpent tapes on Ark Tarp